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Help with HP recovery

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hi, i have a hp pavilion (model I want to restor the system do it's factory settings but...
1- I have no recovery DVD
2- Can't get one (oldish model and they won't send one)
3- The recovery programme (F10 on startup screen) won't work for whatever reason.

The only saving grace is that i still have the recovery partition untouched, is there a way to make a recovery disk myself using these files?

any help would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks
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sorry, i know this is really annoying but...

Welcome to TSF....

Here is a page at HP that will allow you access to a manual that you can save as a pdf and print and also find out how to make the recovery disks for your purpose if they can be made...
thanks for the reply but i already checked this out, this only works as long as you have the operating system the pc came with on and i don't. Also can't because it is a hp modified version so the only way is to somehow be able to use the hprecovery partition, but i don't really know what to do, i have installed partition magic and told it to boot using the recovery partition but when it restarted it just came back into xp.
Your first problem is using Partition Magic, all it does is screw-up everything. Since this is a HP modified version can I assume that you have no legal operating system install disks for thsi computer?
i don't, they werent supplied with the pc, the recovery partition contains the hp version of xp
Turn on the computer and immediately begin pressing the F10 key repeatedly until a Recovery Screen appears. You may have to repeat the process a couple of times.

Follow the onscreen instructions from there. This will take your computer back to when you first purchased it.
i already tried that but nothing happens, the pc just loads up as normal
I don't know how to fix the partition as I no longer have it to look at. But you can make CDs with the Recovery CD-DVD Creator software. Hopefully, you have that program. If not.. I'm thinking that the setup is probably specifically designed to NOT let you create a working copy.
if you messed up your recovery partition, and you did not create the recovery dvds as suggested when you first purchased the computer, then you will have to purchase a replacement set from hp. You will not be able to recover your pc without them.
The only other thing to do is visit the local computer store and purchase a new retail copy of which ever windows xp that you need Home or Pro. Will cost between $100.00 approx to around $200.00 approx.
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