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Help with home VPN

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So I've been toying with VPNs for the first time and have set up a server on one computer with my media files and a DynDNS domain for my dynamic ip address. It looks like everything is configured correctly and one client VPN (both server and client was done using XP's built-in vpn functionality) had not problem connecting to the server, and retrieving files/streaming movies.

My other computer connects to the VPN fine but has trouble accessing the files. I do the same thing as on my other computer: run, then \\serveripaddress. I get "The network path was not found"

What is the issue on this machine?
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Make sure that each computer has a User Name and Password. You cannot access a computer remotely without a password. Make sure the Workgroup name is the same on all computers. Assign a specific name for your workgroup network not just Workgroup. Make sure you have your media files are shared. You do not need to assign a dynamic IP address or DynDNS if all computer are on the same router. Assign the Server Computer name a specific name. Go to Start/Run and type \\servername. if that fails, type \\serverIPaddress. Can you go to My Network Places/View Workgroup Computers and see the server? and If this fails go to Start/Run and type CMD press enter. In the command prompt type ping ipaddress (ipaddress being the servers IP address). Do you get any replies?
The computers are not on the same router. They are in different homes.

The workgroup name is the same on all computers. Media files are shared. Neither client was on the server's router but only one managed to gain access to the files after connecting. I do type the \\serverIPaddress and that does not allow me access; it returns "he network path was not found."

Ping serverIPaddress returns request timed out
Ping \\serverIPaddress returns "ping request could not find host"

Does the client computer need to have a password? The client that was able to access the files on the server does not have a password on the local account I was using.
It's not necessary, but if you assign a password on the clients, then you can access the clients from the server for trouble shooting purposes. Find the Routers IP address of the server and try pinging that. Make sure all computers are on the same subnet mask.
I assume the router's IP address of the server is the server IP address that I find when right-clicking the VPN connection in the taskbar and checking the properties? I am not sure how to check if all the computers are on the same subnet mask nor do I understand what that implies.

However, I was just able to gain access to the server using yet another client that IS ON THE SAME ROUTER as the client that was unable to access the server's files. The one that was able to access is runnings Windows 7 while the other one is XP.

Pinging from the Windows 7 PC returns the bytes, but the Windows XP one still produces "the network path was not found," despite both of these computers operating under one router.

VPN connections were attempted one PC at a time, that is I did not attempt to connect to the server with both the Win7 and XP PCs simultaneously.
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