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Okay, I just upgraded my crt to a samsung 2232gw lcd display and connected it to both the analog and dvi outputs. Everything works fine with the analog connection. When I am using the digital connection, the only problem I am having is that movies will not show a picture. Sound does play though (I know sound has nothing to do with dvi connections but I just wanted to point that out anyway). If I watch streaming movies from the net such as those from youtube, they play fine. But when it comes to playing dvds or downloaded media, it will not display. Now, I downloaded grom player and this one does display a picture in digital mode, but it is choppy. I'm just wondering why non of the other media players will display a picture when in digital mode. Grom player has its own set of internal codecs so I am wondering if this is an issue with video codecs. If this is so, I would like instructions on how to install these codecs.

These are my computer specs,
Hp pavilion 725n desktop
AMD Athlon 2400+
1024 gig ram
80 gig hd
Geforce fx 5900xt
Sound Blaster X-Fi gamer

Thank you
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