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help with broken cpu fan

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Hello all, the cpu fan on my laptop is on its last blade. It has been rattling for a while,a couple supposed pc techs listened to it, but both said either it was nothing or probably my optical drive. The sounds continued on and off, etc. I got curious and opened up my laptop and saw that the cpu fan was moving slowly or not at all. I blew it out, removed some debris and it seemed a bit better. I have since been trying to locate a replacement to no avail. Seems that a replacement fan for my alienware M17X-R1 is impossible to get. I searched the internet, ebay, and all the local authorized and non authorized repair in my area and no one has it, nor will work on it. Im at my wits end. Alienware has the parts, but wont sell me one as my laptop is not under warranty. It seems stupid to think that my processors are just waiting to burn up. It is barely 2 years old. Any suggestions on how to keep it cool? I installed Everest to see what my temps were at and they were way up there. CPU temps were a 128 C. Put a small fan blowing air on the vent on top of the keyboard and it brought the temp down about to 70-100C.
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Thank you, but I've tried them many times, for weeks they were expecting one, kept calling, finally they said they were not going to get it. What kills me is Alienware HAS it but wont sell me one. Sucks.
I saw your name popping up during my search on the internet looking for an Alienware Area51 m17x-R1 cpu fan. Looks like we're in the same situation. :(

Mine stops spinning several times a day and I have to open up the notebook and 'help' it spin up with a pencil or something like that. But i guess it won't take long before it fails completeley

Did you have any luck finding a replacement fan already? If you do, could you let me know where? If I find one I will let you know instead.
Well, Im sorry to say that I still have not found one. I did the same thing you did, till it just stopped spinning or barely spinning, cleaned, blew it out, etc. I was worried about it frying so I got a program called AIDA extreme, that monitors your machine: temps etc. just to see how hot it was running, WOW. I did alot of research and the CPU should not run at higher than 70 degrees Celcius. Mine was at 130. I freaked. I finally thought what else can I do other than put a mini air cond unit on it. I found this at amazon: coolermaster notepal 3 fan : Cooler Master NotePal U3 Notebook Cooler with 3 Fans R9-NBC-8PCK-G: Electronics
They have other external cpu fans made to clip on the outside of your laptop but they all suck if they even stick on. This cooler is cool cause the 3 fans are designed to put specifically where you need it, so I have one of them placed behind my laptop right where the cpu fan is supposed to push the air out. Within minutes the temp went from 120 C to 40C. Even on the hotest day so far, it was at 68C. So at least this will keep things cool, If anyone else has a makeshift idea out there let me know. Good luck and let me know if you ever come across any of the CPu fans for our laptops.
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Finally, after all this time, I found a replacement fan. Found it at ebay, they have more. Had it installed and works great. My temps are way down. This fan it running at 2400 to 4500 rpms , IM so happy after spending 35.00 for the fan/heatsink and 40.00 for install Im soo happy. By the way if in the south orange county area , I recommend CB computers for repair, very reasonable, very knowledgeable.
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