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Help with Age of Conan

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recently purchased age of conan. I have two 8800 GTS duo core 2.67 Ghz 2 gigs of ram... lets say im more than above recommended settings. I was having Power supply issues earlier got a new PSU. iIt works for couple minutes or so then i get graphical errors.. Starting to think my Video card is messed up what do u think is there a test ? I dont know what to do. haven't got any blue screens. Ill post a screenshot so u can see what i mean by graphical errors.


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Hello, welcome to TSF.

Could you tell us more about the PSU (make/model/wattage etc) and could you post your voltages here as well.
1000 watt antec true power quattro. On speedfan at the bottom it hink this is what u want vcore is 1.14v the +12v 9.93v and the AVcc is 3.25v
i had a previous PSU of 650W i had a trouble with it being underpowered and i founf that out on another post on these forums that i had to get a new one and the new one is the 1000 watt one. But i still now am having problems in games with the textures as i previously posted that image you can see. I dont know if the underpowered psu for a while screwed my vidoe cards up... man i am really confused becuase i can type and stay on my desktop fine its jsut when i enter a 3 d app like a game.
can anyone think of anything ? are my card/cards gone?
Your +12V reading of 9.93V is way too low. It should be between 11.4 and 12.6V on a healthy PSU. This is a known cause for graphics artifacts like yours in 3D fullscreen mode.

To confirm this reading check the voltages in BIOS, and during gameplay with some other monitoring software like PC Wizard or Everest. Alt-tab out of the game to see the readings. Doing it this way will give more accurate figures than closing down the game first.

Also, monitor the graphics card temperature during gameplay with nTune.
i just did some ram test using windows memory test and the LRAND failed..... ill post voltages in the morning while in game
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