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Hi there everyone, i hope your all ok and doing well on this stressfull day of mine.

to the problem in hand.

I currently have about 350 new student accounts that i need to create in AD.

Is there anything out there that i could use that would:

A. Create the user accounts by uploading a CSV file of usernames, surname, forename etc.

B. make them members of groups.

C. Create there home directory's and profile folders, on our fileserver.

D. set the password for each account to a default one (password) and have it set so its required to change on next log on.

I currently have a script using LDAP that connects and creates the accounts for me, not in the correct organization unit but it does create them. but unfortunalty it does not create the home folders in the place i would like so i would still have to go through each account and change the location of there home directory, and also it does not add the groups either.

clutching at straws but im sure someone out there has the knowledge or know how to do this and i would be very much appreciated if that someone could share this with me.


PS. if it helps i could send you the script i am using.
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