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help Windows NT 4.0 Samll Busness Edition

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running and old win nt 4.0 SBE computer and now it just starts to hang. made sure the virus def are up to date run it twice no viruses. add a fan to help keep it cooler being the room has not AC. made sure all the hotfixes are applied. the one thing i have notice it that is dose most of the hanging with the users are trying to access a progam call time slips it insatlled local to each computer but the database is keep on the server. not sure if that helps any. just looking for some help. if it would be hardware or software.
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Does it hang randomly once you are loged into the server or does it lock up before you can even log-on?

NT 4.0 has problems with certain types of modems, I have noticed that if a modem application fails and causes a system crash the next time NT loads it will lockup- and lockup the only way to fix the problem is to remove the modem card, reboot the machine, login then logout - shutdown and resinstall the modem card it will then work again. It has happened on a couple of the servers at the office and 1 at mine friends office, stange but as yet no real reason behind it.

If it is locking while loged in then the event viewer or stackdump info is your best bet at being able to locate the problem.
it looks like it working agian i hope so.

well here is all that was wrong

1 nic was bad
2 broken disk mirror
3 bad sectors on the c drive.
4 the cpu was all so replaced.

we told them to replace that computer a year ago and then again 2 months ago i wish they would have listened.
Well at least it working.

But I hope you didnt have some hire a tech team come out there and charge you 14 million dollars for 10 minutes of work.. Some of the things you listed as the couse to your problem would absolutly not cause what you were describing... But i guess its better to be rid of them before they cause other things to start to fail. Happy comput'n
working now

well it working now we took it and but the harddrives in to a nother systems have a bunch of evet errors. but it working. well i hoped they larned when it tells them they need to replace a system they should replace it befor something like this happens.

well it was the other way around we were the ones charging them 14 :agree:
I hope you didnt have some hire a tech team come out there and charge you 14 million dollars for 10 minutes of work

I agree a 1,000,000% with Tech on this one, I've seen it happen. I was going to suggest replacing the NIC. I've seen broken mirrors and bad sectors work just fine without crashing and USUALLY when a CPU fries it just simply stops working.

well the resson we changed the cpu is couse the cpu useige would go to 100% and stay so we want to rual that that out.

so far the hd seting in another computer is still running good.
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