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Help! WIN98SE can't run any sound hardware!

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I have 2 HDD: WINXP and WIN98SE.

SYSMB is ASUS P4P800 with integrated 5.1 SoundMax ADI AD1985 AC '97audio chip.

After i installed SoundMax i still did not hear any sound, so i checked hardware monitor and DXDIAG and then SoundMax wizzard.

DXDIAG said there is no audio hardware enabled, hardware monitor showed some multimedia device with unknown name, wich was said "does not have drivers". I tryed tu update the drivers from WIN98 root folder and also from DVD where the WIN98 CD was, no luck.

Then i tryed run SoundMax Wizzard, but it said that SoundMax is not my primary audio device, and if i want it to primary i should enable in the wizzard. However once i opened the wizzard, there were no active buttons if you know what i mean.

I downloaded other drivers especialy for WIN98SE, also SoundMax - no luck.

In conclusion installing any drivers does not help.
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So I presume you're implying that when you boot up in XP with your other HD, you do get soundy goodness?

I know you've been through a lot of drivers without any luck, but since you have that "unknwon named multimedia device", it's pretty clear that drivers are gonna be the way to go. Have you tried any generic ones with it, maybe, see if they give you a starting point?

Also, it's possible the drivers you downloaded rely on all of Windows 98 Updates to be present, I don't know if you can still get those from the Microsoft website anymore, but, do you have them all from anywhere?
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