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Help! Unmountable Boot Volume Error

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Uhm my Dell Inspiron e1505 has an unmountable boot volume error.
I've tried fixing it and it really isn't working.
I have my Dell "Drivers and Utilities" disk which fixed it last time.
It goes to booting cd press any key to continue
I press one and it says
Choose one:
[1] Run diagnostics
[Q] Quit and return to BIOS menu
or something to that effect

So could someone please help me, it's very important.
All my software which I use for school and work is on there.

=[ So please?
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Check your BIOS Setup, look to see if all your drives are recognized by BIOS.

If your hard drives are missing in BIOS, either the hard drive failed, the hard drive power or ribbon cable came loose, or you have a motherboard failure :sigh:
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