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HELP!!!! sharing applications and MSN messenger

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1) My guest users can't use applications like MSN messenger, Jukebox. But they can use word, excel.

Is there some permission I need to set as an administrator?

2) Also is there a way to share my files under my name so that it is visible from other accounts with moving them to shared folder?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.
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A few questions

Just so we can get a back ground of the problem, I would like to ask a few questions.

1. Did you upgrade from a 9x/NT platform or is a fresh install?
2. Are you getting an error message?
3. Is it Pro or Home?
4. For MSN, are you trying to .NET or use it with a normal log on?
1) It is a new install. Came with the new computer.
2) No error messages are reported. MSN messenger just doesn't open (right click -> open or just double click). Other programs say "Contact network adm ..... or logon as admin ).
3) Home
4) I use .NET for my adm. account. But the Msn just doesn't open up in.

Lemme know if you have more questions. Thank you.
Have you tried logging on as Administrator using capital A..?
Hmmm. couble click and nothing happens...............

What about AOL or Trillian. Will Trillian allow you to bypass MSN?
When I get home I'll give this a look over and see if there is something I can find
Speedo: I am using Win XP and so I am automatically recognized as an admin... so all I do is type in my password to log in. But that's not where the problem is. It's with "guest users" being unable to use MUSICMATCH jukebox, MSN etc.

Bracius: Thanx. Aol does open up. Dunno about Triallian. Not using AOL so didn't do the complete installation for AOl.

Just to clarify further, all programs like Office, WS FTP, SSH, MATLAB..... works .... except for MUSICMATCH, MSN..... there might be more but haven't check them all out. (but they all work for Administrator.)
You could try creating an account called Guest1 or something that is not password protected and see if that works
The guest user doesn't have a password.
I'm back! Sorry I didn't get a chance to try it last night. I am moving into a new place and the wife and I were packing crap. GICodeWarrior had a dang good idea. Try making another guest account, if it works then you can disable the primary one. Worth a try. Honestly I am at a lost as to the reason why this could be happening. I will keep looking and if I find anything I will post the solution. :thumb:
Thanx for trying Bracius...... Good Luck moving....

Let me know if it works for you when you get to try it. (anyone)

Tried to make a new account. Same problem exists there unless I give adminstrative status to it. But then the fun of "administrating" will be lost.
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