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Help required ASAP for HDD Problem

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I have recently been trying to install a second IDE HDD drive to my system. I was unsuccessfull and will have a play in two weeks time, but the problem i now have is that when i try to run the computer, it canst even pass \POST and i am getting a single long beep. I have read this might be a problem with the HDD but i have tried swapping it out with two other HDD. The whole ASAP this is that i am due to fly out of country and my wife will need the computer for next week to keep in touch with me on my laptop, along with the rest of the family.

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are you using a 80 wire ide cable
master goes on the end black plug
slave goes to the middle grey plug
blue goes to the m/board
check the jumper on the back of the drives are set correctly for the position they are in
you can check the beep codes here
check the ram is seated don't rely on the clips clicking over as it is not always seated when they do
run memtest on the ram 1 stick at a time
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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