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Help Removing Unnecessary Items from Start Up

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I've only had a machine with XP on it for a couple years and I'm having trouble trying to find where I can remove items from Start Up. I could always do it in 98 but I can't do it on XP.
My system is EXTREMELY slow lately so I'm considering uninstalling Norton 360 (that's when it started to bog down) and I'd like to take anything that's not necessary out of Start Up.

I would appreciate any help you could offer. I can't even decide what is needed and what isn't by looking at the list. I've tried to copy and paste from the task manager to show what is running now and I can't. As far as I know there are only a couple things that HAVE to start at boot up.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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be glad to help ya

go to Start>run in the command promp type in "msconfig"

when the msconfig utility loads just click on the Startup tab and you can enable and disable what you want. once done you click OK and reboot computer.
Hi, welcome to TSF

Do you mean the Startup folder when you click the Start button?

You can get a better idea of what processes run at startup by going to Start > Run > msconfig > Startup tab. Post back with a screenshot (or 2 if you need to scroll down to see all the items), and we'll advise on the best way to disable them. You can disable them in msconfig, but it's usually better to disable using each program's options if possible.

btw, Norton 360 would be the first thing I would uninstall. :grin:
Thanks for the help. I was in msconfig a while back but couldn't decide what to disable so I kind of left it alone. I just downloaded StartUpLite and that took out a bunch of stuff.

I'm not happy at all with Norton 360. That seems to be when most of my bogging down started. Any suggestions on any other anitvirus program that is not ALWAYS doing something in the background?

There are several free antivirus programs that are better than Norton and use less system resources. AVG Free, Avira AntiVir, Avast, etc. See here for more details, and here to safely uninstall Norton 360.
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