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Hi. I'm running an Asus Notebook N35SN with Windows 7 64bit and today I started having weird and very often random minimizes. It simply is a program of some sort that open itself and closes IMMEDIATLY after. I can see in the bottom bar, that something called "Interactive..." opens, and closes instantly after (I had to record the screen and play it back frame by frame in Premiere, to actually see what it was called). Does anybody know what this could be? I tried restarting the computer and nothing changed. I looked through the Start tab of msconfig and browsed my task manager, but didn't find anything that struck me as something odd..
Here is a picture of it

I tried downloading process explorer and keep an eye on any weird processes when this happens - but out of luck.. Nothing happened on process explorer.. This is extremely annoying because it minimizes all my full-screen applications when it happens..
I did a system restore to 2 days ago, where I didn't have this problem.. But it still happens..
Please tell me what to do!
This is a pastebin dump of Hijackthis! log if anybody finds that useful
HJT log -
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