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HELP ram

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how do i make gay comp see 120+ ram as a 120+ ram instead of 32
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Welcome to "TSF" SkywalkerMV.

I'm going to assume that you have a Gateway PC with one stick of 128MB Sdram (I've never heard of one stick of 120MB Ram).

It would be very helpful in trying to solve if you could give us a little more info. about your system and when you noticed this problem. :deal:

:ufo: :ufo: :ufo:

Well, my computer was made by my father. It is running in Windows ME / Windows 2000 Prof. It has 900 MHz, two 32 RAM chips (so my computer says..) 64 SDRam togather. Need more information?
When I put these chips in my brothers computer it sees them as 120 something. I don't know the exact count but it says that.
What kind of computer does your brother have?

The ram may not be compatable with your machine.

Also please do not double post! you posted the same question on two other threads. This will only confuse people who are trying to help you. Keep this in this thread til you get your problem solved.

Thank You...................:winkgrin:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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