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Help Please Pc Ruined!!

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Hello everyone. you guys just got one more newbzor to take care of -_-.
so, i got my first ever ubuntu disc couple hours ago, and so i wanted to put it side to side with my windows OS'. I went through some manuals and i followed one of them. i cut 5 gigs off my windows xp drive and just left it as an unused space(becaus eive read that ubuntu will make a partition out of it) so, i restarted, booted onto the ubuntu CD i got, and tried to install it. when i got to choose on which partition i wanted ubunto to be installed i clicked on the unused space and it gave me error saying
"No root file system identified. Please correct this from the partitioning menu." Same thing if i click on any other partition..
i also cant acces any of my windows when booting u the PC(and i dont have ubuntu installed, right now i am using it off the boot disk) i tried running fixboot from windows boot cd but my pc restarts after i see the windows logo -_-
also i had shrunk the windows partition for free space from windows Vista, and it asked me to change the disk type from basic to something else(>_< i forgot what it was!!) dynamic. so i did...
now i cant acces my win xp partition, nor my vista's..
i think if i change the part. type back to basic i will be able to install my ubuntu on the pc and acces my xp and vista partitions from it..
is there any way to do this from ubuntu? I'M A NOOB AT UBUNTU PLEASE HELP!!:eek:

P.S. i'm a total idiot and my name is sergi :DDDD
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First off this doesn't mean that your computer is ruined. First off, I would recommend that you run either the repair install of the recovery partition on your computer. This will ensure that you still have a working windows os if you ever need to go back to it.

Once that is done I would recommend that you check out this screen cast: Installing Ubuntu This is a screen cast for installing Xubuntu specifically but it goes through all the important steps that you will use for installing any of the flavors of Ubuntu.

hi wmorri, i am the one whos having the problem with ubuntu(, and virus is my friend who i asked to post this story on here because i didnt have account at that moment.. the problem is solved, i just made a partition(ext3+1 gig lin.swap) from the unused space from ubuntu live CD and installed ubuntu on it. I killed my xp..forever, and my partition is screwed. i tried to do fixboot then i tried to logon to xp ad i restarted so ten i wanted to try fixmbr, but windows xp console couldnt find the drive with winxp and its default DIR was my usb hard drive... but yea, ubuntu is running fine, vista partition got formatted(i moved ubuntu onto it) and now i need to repair my xp partition so i can back it up format it and install vista on it :D
It is great that you got your ubuntu partition is all taken care of. So, now you are having problems with the XP partition. Do u you have a XP install cd? If so then you should be able to pop that in and run a repair and that should fix the partition. If you don't have an install cd, then i would check to see if you have a repair partition on your computer, and see if it still works, then run that on your xp partition.

naw it doesnt work.. xp boot cd just cant see the xp drive.. also, my external harddrive is now C drive 0_o and when i pop the disc in and go to the command prompt and tupe in DIR it shows me the contents of my external hard drive.. i see only 2 ways out.. first, try to connect my internal HD to someones pc and if ill be able to open it, ill backup some files and then format it. and 2nd one is to use doot cd like acronis or the other one by Norton.. hey, virus, mind making me one of those? my dvdrw is broken T_T
You don't have to do a reformat. But if your PC can't boot off the CD/DVD then something is setup wrong in the bios. I would unhook your external drive. That is just confusing the OS's and BIOS. Can your BIOS see the internal disk? Is the internal drive showing up as your first drive? You might have to reset your BIOS to factory defaults. There is a shorting pin on the mother board that will do this.

Once you get it to boot from your XP cd, then go through the steps to reinstall XP. BUT do not reformat your hard drive. One of the XP recovery modes is to reinstall itself without formatting the drive. You may have to reinstall all the software, but your data will still be there. Go over the the XP part of this forum, there will be detailed instructions there to recover the XP boot.
the partition of xp is effd up so neither ubuntu or windows recovery mode can acces the windows xp partition.. when i try to acces it from ubuntu it says that i didnt shut down windows properly.. which is sort of true.. it happened after i fixboot and tried to open my winxp.. then after boot screen it restarted and since then i cant acces it..
sorry kronie, i cant make one, i dont know why tho :p no seriously.....
cmon dude -_- its only effin 100 megs if not less... u dont even need to waste DVD-R it will fit on CD..
So Kronie, do u still have a problem or are you all set with this one. Becuase if you do post an update as to what you have tried so far, and we can try to find some more solutions for you.

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