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Help Please, CD-RW problems!!!!!!!

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Help Please, CD-RW problems!!!!!!!
Hello everybody, I am back again!!
The following is the problem I am having with the CD-RW:

I have tried to diagnose the problem I am having, but no luck. So I really hope you can help me. I am running Win 98se. I have a Samsung CD Rom and a HP CD-RW. The CD-RW is the master, the Samsung is the slave. The burner software is CD-Writer Plus 8100I, Adaptec DirectCD, Adapter Easy CD Creator and software is installed. When I tried to use the CD-RW at first it was giving me an 'not ready' message. Waited for a moment and then it gives me the following:

XCD error: Recordable media error (204)
ASPI error code: 0
Additional Sense Code: 48
Additional Sense Code Qualifier: 0

I have tried several diferent kinds of cd's, they all register with the cd rom, at least I can access the data on them. No matter what I do the above message is what I get when trying to use the CD RW.

Also, I noticed that after a while the drive and disc will get really hot! What's does that say?

For some reason I couldn't get a copy of the Device Mgr. to paste into this message.

HP CD_Writer+ 8100
Samsung DVD-ROM SD-604

AMD-756 Bus Master IDE Controller V!.36
Primary Bus Master IDE controller
Secondary Bus Master IDE controller

When I open properties, all indication says, (on each device) that 'this device is working properly'.

This is what I have done so far.
1. Uninstalled and then reinstalled software
2. Device Manager does not display any errors
3. Standard IDE cable used
4. Nothing loading in either autoexec.bat or config.sys
5. Standard Win 98 drivers are being used
6. DMA option not checked
7. Downloaded and iinstalled aspi32.exe.
8. Seached this site for any clues but couldn't find any.

I really hope the above info gives you a clue and you can help me fix it. If not then I guess I am without a CD Burner. {:<(...sad!! I know I can buy one now pretty inexpensively but that's relative you know, my pocket book is empty as always!!

I have been in contact with HP Support and since the burner is out of warentee I am not able to get help from them unless I pay for it. Thank the Good Lord for you all!!!!

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Gayle Rattray
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This is something has has not exactly happened to me but i've had a couple of burners, i burn alot of cd's and it i guess wears out the laser if that is possible i dunno. All i know is it lasts for about a year and a half and quits on me. I don't recall ever getting that specific error they just kinda stop working...

XCD error: Recordable media error (204)
204 Bad or corrupted medium Recordable CD is corrupt or defective.

I know that you already tried different cd's thats just what therror code means.

So other than that im at a loss...
I think the only other problem i have ever incountered with my cd burners was trying to use a cd that was hella slow on a fast burner.


It seams like they sell their systems without testing evevything out. Reasons I bought my hp

1 =we did,nt no any better
2= virus sofware included
3=cd rewritable

All hp does is put computers together fom misalanius(incorect spelling)componets & software , and stamp thier name on it .

The problem for me was atleast on the cd issue was the same as your haveing Similur anyway.

If you put a emty blank cd in direct cd comes up ask's if you want to fomat ----so you format ---then you use easy cd to try an burn
it'l say can't because it's being used by direct cd .
.so you stop direct cd in task manager Ctrl alt del , he's outathere .
but that doesnt work eighter .He's still holding info in cacth.
but then you cant eject or put a cd in arr rrrrrr rrrr gg ggg

Here's a workaround - dont use direct cd formate functions ,,
open blank unformated discs with easy cd creator only, and burn from their ( i guess it auto format's when it burn's )

Anyway ounce in easycd creator drag & drop work's fine but .
you cant drag onto the cd icon outside of easycd creator.

apperarntly easycd just wants us to pay for an upgrade to get everything functioning correctly(roxio) darn them....

I had to edit this post i dont hardly ever use my burner so i had to try my own advice out didnt work . so this is a revision.
ps easycd creator sucks
hope this helps o also some discs (cheap ones) sony i think are incompatable so that would explain you other problem...
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