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help on this please!!!

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well finally HAVE a P5GD2 Deluxe and i am totally lost here
my pc have front panel audio i/o module..

well ..this is the question the hell i CONECT the wires ? is a link to a diagram

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Make sure the front panel support type in the BIOS is set to AC'97. This page gives detailed descriptions of the audio connector and shows you what the pin numbers are. Pin 10 in your image is incorrect. It is not BLINE_OUT_R. It is actually BLINE_OUT_L. There may be a jumper on the audio connector which connects pin 5 and 6 and another jumper which connects pin 9 and 10. If you have those jumpers then remove them.

mic-in    - (pin  1) mic2
ground    - (pin  2) agnd
mic-power - (pin  3) micpwr
R out     - (pin  5) line out_R
R ret     - (pin  6) BLINE_OUT_R
L out     - (pin  9) line out_L
L ret     - (pin 10) BLINE_OUT_L (this is labeled incorrectly in your image!)
You only need to connect one of the ground wires and it doesn't matter which one.
thanks thaks so much man...i will try that...(and indeed i have a mistake in the diagram )

i wil let you know if i had more problems

one my doubt... i have 8 conectors two ground ...hell one have a thinker wire that the other(black boths).... i palce the thick one into the ground pin...but what about the other?

ok is done thanks....and sorry i just dindt reade what did you said about the twho ground

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