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I have a PC with a motherboard ASROCK H510M-HDV/M2 retail and a disk SSD Patriot P300 512GB NVME M.2 PCIE GEN 3 X4.
On hand I have an older SSD Apacer 240GB with Windows 10 Pro on it.
I want (and need) to set the old Apacer as the boot drive but :

In the BIOS
1. It is recognized as a SATA disk
2. It does not show up in the boot menu. Only the newer NvMe is shown in the boot manager.
3. When I remove the NVME disk, there is no boot disk available.

There must be some BIOS tweak to make the "legacy" SSD as boot disk but I cannot find it.
Any help appreciated.



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Why do you need to boot from the Apacer drive?
If you are just wanting to access files on it, then boot from the M.2 and the Apacer will show as a secondary drive where you can copy files from it.

If you insist on booting from the Apacer, boot to the M.2 and download the Apacer S.M.A.R.T. App to run Diagnostics. Which will give you a quick snapshot of the drives health.
If the drive is healthy and has Windows on it, then it is missing the boot files. You can repair this in the Command Prompt if you need to. But I suspect the drive has issues and that's why it can't boot.
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