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help : Memory Dump

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My computer frozed when I was transferring files and then went to the "blue" screen saying it is doing a complete memory dump. After it restarted by itself, I found my files are gone. Does anyone know how to recover those files? Is the file "memory.dmp" of any use in recovering lost files during the transfer?

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shimkc, welcome to the forums !!!
did you get a stop code on the that blue screen ? If you did you might want to look it up in MS KB... were you transferring files localy ? you might have to enable event log and see what you get in there when that blue screen comes up. memory.dmp might be helpful aldough info in it might be different from the one in your event log.
Thank you Merlin for your reply. I think I got a couple of STOP messages. I was transferring files from my digital camera to my computer and I accidentally "disconnected" the USB cord. I have some pictures in the camera but the first half were lost during the transfer.

I looked into the MS KB but they do not have any article on retrieving files. All I can find is how to use the dump file to debug the problem. I am not sure if I have the event log but if I do, how do I find the files lost?
Yep the dump file contains only program debugging information and depending on what your settings are that dump file can be very big, I would recommend turning off this feature all together as unless you are a programmer that wrote the thing your chances of solving the problem with this information is about as slim as you hitting the winning numbers in the state lotto.

As for the lost files what kind of files are we talking about the ones you had opened during the crash or completely unrelated ones ?
Thanks for all your replies.

I was transferring some files from my digital camera to the computer when the "blue" screen came up. I still have the second half of those files in the camera but the first half is gone. I am wondering if Windows store them somewhere in the system during the memory dump and named it something else.

Do yourself a favor and get the reader for the media that your camera uses, connecting the camera directly is a PITA! I've long since abandoned any thought of connecting up my Nikon Coolpix 880, I just pop out the CF card and put it into my reader. The added bonus is that the pictures are not deleted until I tell them to be, I can just copy them like a disk drive. Another bonus is it's faster as a rule than the USB transfer from the camera. :)
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