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Help me understand the Verifier, and to solve the 0x124 BSOD error!

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Hey folks, im quite new around here, hope ya dont mind! Anyway, i was getting horrible BSOD when i tryed to play any games lately, and i havent changed any hardware, which really makes me suspicious of what have caused it. Nevertheless i found out that you could do this Driver verifier, and test if some drivers are causing BSOD, so try it out.

Correct me if im wrong, I just did the first half of the procedure (clicking those 5-6 things for the non-microsoft drivers) and it asked me to reboot. And yes, the windows BSOD when i tryed to boot it (which shows that there is some drivers who is messing this up). There is suppose to be another half of things ;

"After re-start, you may not be able to log on to normal Windows
• Boot into SAFEMODE - tap the F8 key repeatedly during boot-up
• Select "System Restore"
• Choose the restore point that you created in step #1

If you are unable to boot into SAFEMODE
• Boot into System Recovery using your Windows DVD - or -
• Hard Drive Recovery Partition – press key/ sequence during boot-up – F10, F11, ESC, …
• Select option for “Windows System Restore”

Driver Verifier Status
• Select last option on the 1st Driver Verifier screen – “Display information about the currently verified drivers”
• Bring up an elevated administrative cmd/DOS screen - - type verifier /query

To Turn Driver Verifier OFF
• Select 3rd option on the 1st Driver Verifier screen – “Delete existing settings”
• Bring up an elevated administrative cmd/DOS screen - - type verifier /reset"

This is what i doesnt understand... why do you need to do those steps? (except system restoring back, so you can actually boot up again ;)) Cause i got a dumpfile from the BSOD from when i tryed to reboot after i did the first half of the procedure (if you dont know what im talking about, se : Driver Verifier -, the half before the reboot is the first half!) Shouldnt that be enough? And whats the deal with having it work 24h? The homepage is quite vague about this application :) Would be lovely if you guys could help me /sort it out!

Also, im attaching the dumpfile from the procedure (if it can help solve my 0x124 error!) Thanks for helping a lost dude out! Also, do tell if i managed to attach wrong dump file :O


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Oh, would any mod be so kind to move this to the BSOD-part of the forums? Thanks!
What are the Error Codes you see on the BSOD?
The BSOD mentions 0x124 error (with some other lines of numbers, but this one is the only one worth mentioning?)

Here is a link to the problem, and how to try to fix it : Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try - Windows 7 Forums

I tryed to do most of the points, without sucess. However, i get the feelings that drivers are spooking and causing problems (some driver malfunctioning prolly, or something). However, when i try to do a system restore to a point where i didnt have the problem, the crashing with BSOD would still happen..

What do you think? Thanks for the helping!

PS: Really feeling like "nuking" the harddrive and reinstall everything (really, ITS EASIER THAT WAY) the 0x124 error is so complex and can be 1 of 100s of effects (or 1 of 1000 drivers, sigh), in my opinion atleast. I really want to fix my computer for Shogun 2, dang it, sucks that it happened 3 days before it is releasing..
I have done both CPU and GPU tests, both turn up without any crashes as fast as they appear when i play games (which is strange, really!) There most be some drivers which seem to be quite bugged, any ideas how to find the "bad" driver and fix it?
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