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A friend that owns a Compaq 6715s (Win XP,AMD Sempron @2.2 GHz,1GB RAM,100 GB hard drive of which 50 GB are free at this moment) brought it to me complaining that is slowed down.I did find it is slowed down compared to it's processor speed (reed below) but not to a catastrophic point.However it is annoying enough.

I have done the following:

  • I have run msconfig and unchecked everything that I don't recognize from startup.
  • I have gone to control panel->power options to check if there is a utility that controls the processor speed for power saving reasons,but there was no such thing.(my new laptop has one though,I guess this compaq is old)
  • I have uninstalled avg antivirus to avoid conflicts and slowdown.
  • I scanned it with superantispyware,it found some nice things.
  • I then uninstalled superantispyware to avoid conflicts and slowdown.
  • I scanned it with trend micro house call ,it found 3 spyware threats(not just cookies).The scan took 4 hours(complete scan)
  • I scanned it with spyware doctor(complete scan,updated program).The scan took 12 hours and found only 90 cookies.
  • I have disabled the realtime protection of all these security programs so there will be no conflicts/slowdown.
  • I run eusing free registry cleaner,and it deleted 10000 wrong registrry entries.It took 15 minutes.
  • I am currently doing a defragmentation on the 100gb hard drive,of which half is free.The defragmentation is running for more than a day now,and currently it is displaying: defragmenting...60% compacting files.
  • I found a setup for avg antivirus and avast and ad-aware.However I do not see them in the add/remove programs list.
  • I press Ctrl-Alt-Esc to bring the task manager,and at the processes tab,I review the CPU consumption.At moments of the slowdown,simultaneously CPU consumption is at 80% while System Idle process is 90% !!hidden virus or ex-installed antivirus conflict?At moments when no program is running,CPU consumption is normal,0-2%.
Any ideas what to do next?

edit: I run a chkdsk.The first 3 steps verfying files,verfying indexes,verfying security descriptors completed in 10 minutes and 2 errors were fixed,but now the pc is stuck at the 4th step at 0% of verifying file data for 30 minutes now.

I can see a recovery partition,however my friend cannot provide me with the original cd's that came with the laptop since he didn't think they were important enough to save them.He has lost them somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!
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