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Help me recover large (>7GB) avi files I recently deleted!!? :(

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I have a large western dig external drive ("G") that I saved video captures and pictures on. Two days ago, I accidentally deleted everything in my "vacation-videos-pictures" folder. Upon doing that, I didn’t touch the drive and left the computer alone. Last night when I returned home, I started downloading file recovery and undelete software to my internal "C" drive and running the programs to help recover the files. All of the programs came back with similar results. They recovered ALL files but the largest ones. However, each program did find the file name....the weird thing was, it found the name of these files but it had 0 (zero) bites in size next to it. There are a total of about 3 or 4 extremely large video files (between 7 and 11 gigabytes) which are avi files.

My question is...obviously the file or most of the file is still on the hard drive somewhere. Is there something else I can do to try to recover this file? Is it possible to reconstruct the file? I also heard something about a hex editor that can assist with this. I dont really care how long it takes.

I sure it’s clear the importance of these files and I'm willing to do anything it takes to recover them. If there is another forum or place one would recommend I direct this type of problem, any advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.
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Welcome to TSF:

In my experience recovering files is just a matter of trying diff software until you find one thats more suited to your particular situtation. I like progs that let you scan then you buy if it looks like success is within reach.

Here are two that I have had success with.

let u sknow how you progress


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crazijoe said:
Yep, i tried that last night. Same results. Files found but with zero size.

Does anyone know anything about hex editors?
I have seen this before. Since the recovery software finds the file but the file is zero in size. This would indicate that either the bulk of the file is gone, or parts of it was written over because it was fragmented across the drive and thus rendering the file unusable.

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