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help me good gamers and who know about pc help for these 4 games

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:4-dontknofriends first of all i am KRISHNA, a lover of pc games . my dad bought me a new pc with 2 gb ram and core 2 [email protected] ghz and 512 nvidia video memory and i putted some games in my pc i got some promblem in these 4 games. plz help ---------------- :1angel:

mafia 2 - game worked fine ! but when i played it 2nd time an c++ file says " memory too big to fit in memory " if we have to play it again i have to reinstall it and then it work. i completed the game by doing it daily but i have to play again so help to fix this promblem :4-dontkno

bully scholarship edition - bro same like mafia 2 but in this it give error "floating pont not supported library error R6002" but when i reinstall it works..... . PLZ HELP ! :4-dontkno

call of duty modern warfare 2 - same here like those all in this the engine just show up and dissappear NO ERROR ! but when reinstall it works...... . plz help ! :4-dontkno

spiderman shattered dimension - when in first level i got black suit and runtime error pop us floating point not supported R6602 when i reinstall no response still error :4-dontkno

plz guys help in these all :wink::pray:

and a little more help - i get my window cleaned up so i need an assasins creeed save file from starting of memory block 2 if you can upload it PLZ HELP !

ty in advance:wave:
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First of all you should list full system specs including power supply. Considering that They seem to work after reinstalling I will assume 2 things, dirty cd"s or something is wrong with your optical drive(cd/dvd). Also are you running 32 or 64 bit Windows. 64 bit Win7 will take around 1.3 -1.4 gigs of ram just to idle(compared to 6 or 700 for 32bit). Doesn't leave much for gaming.
Hey mate,

Like mario said, we'd like to see your specs :) Please can you go through the below sticky

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