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Hello Folks,

Thanks for looking at the topic in first place, here's my problem:

I have a decent set of hardware (I believe) I'm on the recommend settings for everything I play, yet, everything crashes to desktop. This computer has history on not performing the way it should. It used to BSOD a lot, and in a thread at the BSOD part of the forum (last time there I was adivised to run stress tests but they were overwhelming and i'm dumb, couldn't do it) we began to suspect my GPU had suffered heat damage. So a week ago I replace my video card, and this thing still works like crap, I no longer have money to sink at this machine... here are my specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 SP1
AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4 GHz
EVGA Nvidia GTX650 SC (314.07 driver)
8 Gigabytes DDR5 ram
Samsung HD502HJ ATA device (500 Gigas)

Fresh instalation (formated a week ago when the GPU as instaled, Dxdiag attached). Hardware is 2 years old (except 4 gigs of ram that are 6 months old and GPU 7 days old).
Windows Experience index is 5,9 (blamed on HD writting speed apparently, could this be the issue?).

What's not working ATM:
- Battlefield 3 (CTD in 5-20 mins)
- F1 2012 STEAM (in 15-40 mins)
- Borderlands 2 STEAM(the most stable, up to 4 hours, but always at some point)

All games have been tuned down to minimal settings, stripped of antialiasing, blur effects and running on about 1200x700 (win7 runs on 1920x1080). borderlands is the only one to have had improved stability with the lower settings.

I have more games I could install and test, but not really looking foward to gigs and gigs of download until this things is more stable (all of my games are original, most of em STEAM)

I previously had stability issues with the following (on my old EVGA GTS 450)
- F1 2012 STEAM
- Battlefield 3
- Driver San Francisco
- Fallout 3
- Fallout NV
- Oblivion
- Witcher 2 Enhanced edition
- NFS Shift 2
- NFS Hot Pursuit
- Race 07 and expansions STEAM
- Minecraft (would CTD or BSOD frequently)
- Age of Conan
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

The only games that worked flawlessly were:
- Half-Life 2 STEAM
- Rage
- Dead Island STEAM
- Mount and Blade Warband

On previous installations i have had stability issues with about every game I have. I have followed Svens " Optimising Your System For Games " thread, but performance is still the same (I could use advice regarding the virtual memory allocation, i just used the same values as him, don't know if the HD is in raid 0 or what that means at all).

I tried all sorts of fixes specially for BF3 (changing general settings around, turning the gpu voltage a notch up or down, and about every other fix i could find, spent at least 2 days browsing foruns and trying to get help from EA, but hey, guess what? with the Sim City flop, they are just not answering my case, at all, it's sitting there for a week without a reply).

Any help is appreciated before i exorcise this machine with fire. I'm really felling burned out here. This machine was very expensive at the time, the new GPU was very expensive (consider I live in Brazil, so everything costs %200 because of the import taxes). and it's about useless, I feel like an idiot. I'm incredibly frustrated by this mocking, loud piece of machinery sitting on my desk.please, please HELP!


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That's your old thread.

Like Flight Sim Guy said
What is your Power Supply Unit?
You're going to have to take off the side of your case and give us the make and model or take a clear picture like this:

With a power supply, I'm pretty sure that when looking at it in the bios the 12v is usually higher. If your PSU is 11.9 in the bios, while gaming and using the desktop it's probably closer to 11.7.

Fresh instalation (formated a week ago when the GPU as instaled, Dxdiag attached). Hardware is 2 years old (except 4 gigs of ram that are 6 months old and GPU 7 days old).
Windows Experience index is 5,9 (blamed on HD writting speed apparently, could this be the issue?).
Hard drive is slowest thing in a computer usually. All the rest of the scores should be fine. If you had a SSD (solid state drive) as your OS drive the score would closer to 7.6.

My mind instantly wanders to a failing PSU. A new GPU and its still fails when it should not be.

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sorry for the delay guys, was busy with work these last days

It's a thermaltake Purepower 550 - pp-550pl1nc
the image is really bad, my cel-phone is crap, here are specs written on it

Input Voltage: 115/220 - 240 VAC
Input Current: 115 VAC / 8A max 220-240 VAC / 5A max
Frequency 50/60Hz

DC Output +3.3V | +5v | +12v1 | +12v2 | -12V | +5VSB
Max Output: 18a | 28A |18A |18A | 0.3A | 2A

The combined power 5V + 3.3V is 140W

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Its a pretty crappy PSU, with some simple math you can see that its not even a 550w PSU. Most PSU the 12v rail will be around 510 or so watts with the rest being made up by the 3.3 and 5v rails.

(volts) times (current/amperage) = wattage or joules

18amps + 18 amps = 36 (if it was perfect world as they don't combine really)

36amps * 12volts = 430watts

NOt only that but its only 70% efficient when good PSU's are 80%+ effiecient. Your is creating a lot more heat than it should and it will fail sooner than what is advertised.

PSU specs (verifies with your pic at least.)
Fonte Atx Thermaltake 550w - R$ 90,00 no MercadoLivre

If you buy a nice XFX or Seasonic PSU at around 550w to 650w the problems should go away. IF you want to be cautious with your system go for the 650w PSU.

Can you tell me what the bios says the 12v rail is at? I bet its on its way to failing.
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