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Help me choose a mobo

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I'm looking for a new mobo with these features:

-AM3 socket
-2 PCI slots (for 2 tuner cards I use, I know I could replace them with PCI-E cards but then it would cost too much)
-At least 12 total USB ports (including internal headers)
-Ideally 2 LANs or otherwise a PCI-E slot so I can add a 2nd LAN
-Optical audio output

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price? and i feel this would be better suited for the "Building" section
I don't mind paying more for quality and reliability since I need my system to be very stable.

I think I'll get the Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5, it only has 1 PCI slot but my friend can sell me a dual tuner PCI card which would replace the 2 single TV PCI cards I now have, other than that it has everything I need and more like USB 3 and SATA 3, 14 USB ports, 2 LAN and more so it should last a long time before being obsolete.
Asus & Gigabyte are always a good choice.
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