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Help! Major Problem Here!

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Ok, here is my problem and I believe it is associated with Direct X

- When I try and run DXdiag.exe I keep getting an error message and DXdiag fails to open (which is why I feel my problem is associated with Direct X)

- When I try and open a mp3 file on my computer, it trys to open with Windows Media Player but Windows Media Player crashes and wont play the music file. (Cannot play music with any music player)

- When I try and play a game on my computer such as Quake2, I click on the link to open it up, it trys to open the file but it auto-closes.

- Basically all my programs wont open and an error message pops up. (Programs such as Winamp. Realplayer, All 3d games on my system).

I have the latest Direct X version installed on my computer. I have tryed reinstalling all my games along with Winamp, Realplayer, and Windows Media Player and I am still having this problem. This problem just recently started a couple of days ago after my computer froze while playing a game.
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I had a problem like this, what you need to do is create a bakup of everything except windows on to a seperate drive, then format the 1st drive and reinstall windows and restore the bakupif that doesnt work you have to format your whole pc and reinstall windows
Before reinstalling, I would try running Microsoft Update on your OS. Make sure you have all latest patches and SP's. installed. Depending on your OS version, you may have to apply service packs anytime after changing hardware drivers or hardware (NT).

Then ... make sure you have all the latest drivers for your mobo, and video.

What about checking the website, readme's, howto's, FAQ, or calling techsupport on the game that froze?

If all the above fails, you can rerun Windows setup without doing a clean install. This will have the effect of repairing the Windows system files and may fix your system. However, you will then need to reinstall all the SP's and patches.

I would follow the above advice only as a last resort.
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