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Help, i just got a SHUFFLE and dont work

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Im getting the blinking green and orange shuffle error. What do i do. I can plug it in to my computer and see all of my songs, but once I try to play it, the battery is CHARGED for sure, I get the blinking green and amber lights above the play buttons. Simply resetting it like sets does not work. What do i do!? thanks.
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plug it in and use the ipod updater to return it to factory fresh. then add songs again with itunes. if that doesn't do it, then its a doa shuffle and you need to take it back to the apple store, where they will give you a new one.
damn apple.

Well, I knew it was somehow still going to be screwed!
Well, check this out...
I did the update.
Now, when I did it, my ipod logo, changed to the shuffle logo-on the desktop.
Once i did that, I unplugged the shuffle and lo-and-behold...
But It only played about 10 of the 60 or so songs.
So i plugged it back in and all of my songs were there. Only this time under the My Ipod Shuffle box, like the itunes box, i couldnt see any of my songs. only in my library! Well i unplugged it and it didnt work.
so i dont know what to do yet again.
And ya know. when will there ever be a day when there is free tech support from apple. This is an ongoing problem with lots of shuffle users i see and such a DAMN hassle and ridiculous. I really with i never wouldve got the thing to begin with.
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