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Help...HP Pavilion a340n won't start screen

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Good evening,
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Last night, I turned my computer on, checked my email, and shut down the computer like I do every night. I didn't even go on the net.

Tonight when I started it up, the power light came on, the hard drive lit up solid for about 5 seconds, then went out. I never even saw the HP screen or anything, just a black screen.
Then my monitor lost the signal and went into power saving mode.
I tried it again, same thing.
I ensured that there is no floppy or CD in the drives
I unplugged the computer from the wall for 60 seconds.
I unplugged all peripherals except the power and the monitor.
Nothing has worked. Still get nothing when I start it up.
I can hear the Harddrive run for the first 5 or 10 seconds, then the light goes out, and nothing else happens.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much
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Do you have a video card or are you using onboard?
If a video card try reseating it.
Also reseat the ram

Do you know if you have a case speaker?
When the computer was working normal did it give one beep at startup?
I believe you have a 250 Watt power supply in that computer. HP wasnt or isnt generous regarding power supply standards.

Pls try the following steps to resolve this issue.

Pls turn in the computer.
Pls unplug the Monitor cables and plug it when the power is on.
If you still have same issue, pls check display connection for bents?
If it looking like bent stighten those pins.
If it won't resplved this issue pls check with othe video cable wire if you have.

Waiting for your reply.
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