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help, help, help windows 98

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Okay, heres the problem, the computer I have at home was bought from a friend of mine, she gave me all the disks she had, this was a year ago, well last week my hard drive crashed and burned so I had a new one installed and set up etc.etc. but guess what I dont have windows 98 start up disk, the guy that did the work forgot to load it, now what the heck do I do . I have no start up disk of course I could drive 30min. but there has to be a easier way. Anyone with any ideas please please help. Any suggestions are very welcome. I need all you knights to come to the damsel in distress. Not lit. yall;) :tongue2: :smooch:
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Doonz you remind me of that song by George Strait, the Fireman, LOL. Thank you ever so much but I dont know which windows 98 I need there are like five different ones on that list , and does it give info on how to? Also , as usual your response time was great, what else do you do that great.:angel:
this one should do it....Windows 98 SE OEM

hopefully you are using Window 98 Second edition

or try this

unzip it...copy it to a drive ...boot to it ...and you should be good to go


Thank You very much,:smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: were ever you would like to place them. Its so easy to play around with you, I bet your probably blushing.LOL
luclily this is a public and kid frendliy forum or I would be in trouble ...all I can Honey I aint (thats a word in texas ...right) begun to blush:smooch:

anytime I can be of service ...jsut ask...for service that is...ahh I need to stop talking i am getting in deeper...I mean making it worse ....:censore:
Now you dirty minded little thing you, I was thinking you would put them on you cheek, aint is not a word in any state, once again famous words from me BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X(
that aint what my brother in-law in texas says....he also has a ranch with cows and bulls and just recently got running water in it...:angel:

and even bitting on the cheeck is....nahh I aint (am not) going to winX(
help me

Okay I downloaded the windows thingy from yesterday , went home , slid it into the floppy slot, click on the floppy icon and it did not do a damn thing, so what the hell did I do wrong, Its not even reconize a floppy was in, could not find, I was about ready to throw the comp out the window, very , very, unhappy.
So what did I screw up , how did I screw up and how the hell do I fix it.:angry2: X( :mad: :confused:
Doonz , your right you wont win , and stop saying aint because aint , aint a word.LOL Dont tell me your brother-law raises steers and queers. (NOTICE TO ALL, NO OFFENSE WAS MEANT TO ANYONE OF SUCH PRACTICE) ANY WAY, no back to the nibbling, licking, puckering, now that I have you where I want ya , would you like a grape flavored sucker.LOL or maybe a jaw breaker.
Did you unzip the file you downloaded to a floppy?
Okay Speedo , now that you have made me feel like a idiot, what the hell do you mean?!!!! Did I unzip what! And why would I unzip it in the first place.LOL:bandit:
The file is in Zip format.

Go here and download the evaluation version.

Double click it after you download it to install it.

After installation double click the boot disk file and you want to extract it to a blank floppy.
Like this.......................:D


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Thank You Speedo:smooch:
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