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:wave: Hay Guys & Gals, Recently I have remove Nortons from my system which made it faster,
:normal: Then I read some the facts and states' on our security threads to search for good spyware/malous war and virus checker.
:normal: I keep MS firewall and windows defender installed.
:smile: I decided that SpyBot was good so I downloaded it to my system (saved it) and then run it. It ran fine and say no virus where found, Definder said the same thing. But then I started geting weird thing happening to my desktop and mouse control; I would get double and triple displays of everything and my mouse would have four or five mouse points. I removed Spybot and had to back up to a restore check point which help correct much of this problem
:upset: But now, I seem to have a problem with trying to copy or select lines of text on any of our threads (example; and name or a few single words of text) to copy, underline, or and thing and any smiles that are suppose to move don't. This also applies to my em text and any pictures I have. Also I have noted that when I place a smille on threads that they would overlap the text to it I would right but when I get back on line again later they where fine. :4-dontkno

To say the lest I am comfuse as to what to look for or do. Both to get this corrected and to find what to check.
Help !!! Please!!! ****** PLease Help !!!!!
God Bless All DC.
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Not open for further replies.