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help everytime i start windows i get the blue screen of death

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ok im having a major problem... everytime i try to start windows i get the blue screen of death and it says STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE
i have tryed many things to try to fix this,but nothing works. i have a boot disk and it takes me to caldera dos and i tryed using fdisk and it takes me to the partition menu but i cannot execute any of the commands.. can some one please help me:confused: :4-dontkno
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Use the Hdd manufacturer utility to determine if drive, drives are bad.
May be a virus attacking boot sector, but more than likely a loose
connection or bad drive.
aright sounds like a do i check the drives lol...srry not to computer smart
Find out who made your drive/drives. Download there diagnostic tool,
probably a floppy, best for you. This will let you know the state of drive.
All makers of drives will give this for free. As far as I know. You will
have to boot to the tool ie floppy disk. Make changes in bios for boot
order if needed.
ok i did....its western digital...i dled the diagnostic tool and ran it...a messege popped up sayin that i needed liscense agreement. it said file os dlgice.txt on same path as dlgdiag.exe...well i dont kno how to do that and now my drive doesnt even read the disk...wat did i do wrong and is it fixable
How old is the drive? Might be under warranty, call WD, or go to website
support section, maybe you can d/l and try a different version of utility.
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