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Help! Cookingluck has Attacked

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I am getting warning popups from Trend Micro PC-cillin. Here is what it is saying:

You have attempted to open a dangerous web site.


I have not visited any websites . . . however, I do believe my husband had a good time over the weekend.

I am also getting popups from XP Antivirus.

And Windows Script Host saying:

Can not find script file "c:/documents and setting . . ."

And tmp1.exe has encountered a problem . . . when I do not even have IE up.

I am running OS XP.

I have warned him to stick with familiar sites.

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Hi, welcome to TSF

It looks like your computer is infected with a trojan that can create, delete and modify files on your hard drive. There may be other malware infections as well.

Please follow these instructions (5 pages) and post the requested logs in a new thread here.

The security forum is always busy, so please be patient and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. If you go to Thread Tools > Subscribe at the top of your new thread you will receive an email as soon as a reply is posted.
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