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Greetings. I'm also new to the forum community though.
Currently I have a bios failure on my "Compaq CQ43-412AU". The whole permanent black screen with two white capslock constantly flash started from the flashing bios operation failure(along side with many driver updates).
I dug into the variant of solution fixes, ended up getting a (bios update i guess) from the HP website

I then extracted the files from SoftPaq(sp64611), acquired all these listed below.

I only have a FAT32 8gb formatted USB and somewhat 4gb USB available. The second PC I'm currently using is not a HP's (Lenovo Desktop). I'm trying to create a BIOS recovery USB utility. Where to continue or which utility resource to use(any other methods like CMOS battery removal, etc.). Please help, i'm all ears 👀
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