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Help choosing training!

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Hi I am thinking about going to ATI for network admin. training but im not sure if it is worth the 21,000 $ Tuition. Here are the courses...

Pc Management-
Students in the course will; install, configure and upgrade pc operating systems, hardware, and peripherals. They will utilize troubleshooting procedures, system tools and utilities to moniter the performance of a pc, optimize system resources and correct commonly occurring problems.

Computer Applications 1-
Learn to create, format and edit word processing and spreadsheet documents, use spelling and grammar check tools, enter and modify data, perform calculations, place text in tables, and insert graphics and charts in documents.

Network Operating systems- Learn to install and configure a network operating system, administer the operating system, partition and format storage devices, manage directory structure, audit system performance and perform backups.

Server Operating systems-
students in this course will learn to install and configure a server operating system, manage file systems, plan and create user accounts and groups, administer directory services, administer print services, and install and troubleshoot network protocols and services.

Network Elements-
Learn to assign and track internet addresses, identify data transmission technologies and describe open systems interconnection (OSI) model layers

Internet Services 1-
Learn to setup tcp/ip addresses, publish a website, compare e-mail protocols, connect to the internet, summarize internet business concepts, and safegaurd network resources.

Internet services 2-
Will learn to setup routers, configure routing and multicasting protocols, collect routed data and troubleshoot internet traffic.

Computer Applications 2-
Learn to design databases, create tables, build queries, create and manage forms and reports, and maintain data.

System administration 2-
will learn to establish trust relationships, create domain controllers, manage printers and applications, define network permissions and optimize network operations.

Network Implementation 1-
Students in this course will learn to implement Domain name server (DNS), install and integrate dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), configure virtual private networks, and implement routing protocols. Prerequisite:na120, NA202 and NA203

Network Implementation 2-
will learn to install and configure directory services, monitor domain name server (DNS) zones for dynamic updates and secure dynamic updates, configure group policies, manage directory objects and apply security policies to groups.

(tuition covers laptop and books..)

The program features:

* A+

* Networking

Any advice would be great, you can email me @ *********** or post here doesnt matter either way...

thanks in advance
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