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HELP! Cannot Logon... Accidently deleted users

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While playing around with Command Prompt I accidently deleted the users on my computer. Now when i logon to the "Select User" screen there are no users listed and cannot logon. Please help.
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You accidentally deleted the users on your computer? You'll have to explain how you've done this? did you delete the user folder's in "Documents and Settings"?

This could be recoverable, but the way i'd go about it is in a way quite long winded and you need a copy of XP (not for a complete re-install or anything, it's a requirement for a copy of bartPE)... then either a usb stick or CD-r/rw and access to another pc...

If you want details on how to fix it using this (long) method then please reply (including details of how you deleted the users)...

Actually i have another idea, re-boot your pc and boot in safe mode (to see the administrator account):
- reboot
- tap F8 until you see a "configure how windows starts" screen [or something like it]
- choose "Boot in safe mode"
- if there's an administrator account then try log into it (I think by default there is no password so just clicking administrator will log you in)..
if you cant log on as administrator then you may have problems fixing it...

Now, you need to find a way to download the program "Free Undelete":

- To do this either:
> [i can't remember if internet functionality is the same in safe mode or not] but try download it
> or you could download it then copy it onto the pc through a memory stick
> you may have to be creative with this because safe mode imposes some restrictions
(which i cant remember in xp)

Okay if you get this far then use free undelete to navigate to the folder's you've deleted [if thats how you deleted the users?] and "undelete" them

Still post back and tell us exactly what you did to "delete" the users on your pc?

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