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Hi all!

Please help me with this trouble! I really will apreciate any advice. Thnak you!

These are the system caractheristics:

VAIO Lap top VGN AR21S
Intel 2 core duo processor T7200
Memory 2 GB/Go DDR2 SDRAM (2x1024MB) (533MHZ)
HDD 200GB/Go (2x100GB/Go)
WLAN 802.11 a/b/g
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 GT with 256MB/Mo dedicated Video Memory
OS Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005

Last weeks I started to have problems with the display, first the laptop freezed and get black nothing happened so I turned it off and waited, next i turned it on and after initiate and tuned off the computer in safe mode I reinitiated the lap top and now at the windows starting up screen i could see a bunch of vertical little thin stripes, after that the horrible blue screen with the next message appeared:

the problem seems caused by the following file: nv4_mini.sys


technical information:
STOP 0x00000050 (0x8A80002C.0x00000000.0XB8DE0414.0x00000000)
nv4_mini.sys - Address B8DE0414 base at B8CF6000, Datestamp 44ad669F

Beginning dump of physical memory
physical memory dump complete

So, I decided to use my system recovery disks to restore the computer to the factory conditions but I couldnt access to the normal mode of windows.

I followed the instructions at the recovery wizard tool, I even tested the hardware and all was fine, so when the computer finished the complete and successful system recovery the next stage was to set up the windows xp, but as the lap top restarted the vertical thin blue little stripes next changed and appears the blue screen again!

I started the process again but nothing happened so I dont know what to do because i even access to windows in my computer in order to download updated versions for windows, vaio system and/or any driver!

I really dont know what is the problem, i read many articles and looks a lot of people is having troubles with this but all recommendations seems to download the updated versions and install them but how can i do that if i cant even get into windows to download and install everything necessary.

What do you recommend me?

Please help me!

Thank you!


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Hi and welcome to TSF please look in C:\windows\minidump and copy the file to a folder call tsf minidmp or similar zip it and attach to your next post someone can run it through a debug and try to help you track down the issue.In the meantime look at updating your nvidia driver and see if that helps

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I have the EXACT same model laptop and problem as the original poster. i.e. BSOD with the file nv4_mini.sys being the problem.

Ive tried updating the graphics card but to no avail.

The zipped minidump files are attached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance



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james1986 - please start your own thread. It will get confusing to help with two different problems on the same thread. Instead of re-uploading your minidumps, follow the instructions here and attach the resulting file:
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