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help!!! ATA HDD vs SATA HDD

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i am using p4 board and was using an ata ide hdd...the motherboard came with a sata1 and sata2 ports on it...i upgraded my hdd to a samsung 320gig sata hdd..i installed the hardware..turned on the pc..then the tower turns on and the hdd led light stays red without blinking and the monitor just stays in standby mode...its like its not booting up or something...please advice...thanks alot...
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Are you trying to load an OS on this drive or use it for storage? Has this drive been partitioned and formatted? Can you see the drive in the bios?
If you remove it now and put you old IDE drive in, does it work fine?
Give these things a try:

  • In the bios, you should have the Sata set in IDE mode, do you?

  • In the Bios, you should have the Sata options enabled, do you?

  • Are you certain you have the Sata hooked to the correct connection on the motherboard?

  • Do you have the Bios set to boot as follows:

    CDRom - 1st
    Floppy - 2nd
    Hard Drive - 3rd (in this case the IDE since that is what you want to boot from)​

  • Do you have the Hard Drive Priority in the Boot area set with the IDE (boot drive) listed FIRST?

  • Have you downloaded and tried the Hard Drive manufacturer's utility to see if it recognizes the drive?

  • Do you know anyone who has another computer, you can simply try this drive in to see if it works there?

It would really help if we knew what motherboard you are trying to use so we know the options that are available with this board since most boards are slightly different.

Give these a try and see what happens.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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