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Help 91 Ford Probe

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Im Having A Little Problem With Keeping My Car Running
It Will Start But Then Die In About 10 Sec. It Wont Stay Running
What Do I Do
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Are there any lights staying on your dash when the car is actually running?
Sound to me like the coil may be going bad. Does it crank and run fine after it's cooled down about 15 or 20 minutes? If so, that may well be the problem.
BOB DOTY and welcome to TSF:wave:

You need to determine if the problem is fuel or ignition. If you have a fuel pressure gauge, measure the pressure. See if the pressure drops just before it dies.

If no pressure gauge, get a spray can of starter fluid. See if you can keep the car running by spraying fluid into the intake. If so, then the problem is in the fuel pump system.

Pull a plug and lay it on the engine block with spark wire connected and see if you get a good blue spark when the engine turns over. If you have a ohmmeter, you can measure the resistance of the spark wires. The books say they should measure less than 30 k ohms. I have found them to normally measure about 3 k ohms.

If you have a repair manual, it will tell you how trouble shoot the ignition system (resistance of the coil windings, voltages to the coil, etc.)

Hope this helps,
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