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I have a serious probliem with my computer which i recently bought.

About a month ago the problem started and the pc did not boot. When i push the start button the hard disk and power light remain on, the dvd-ram drive light blinks and no beeps. The monotor shows the no signal caption. There are no beeps and the cpu, case fans keep spining. After turning the pc on and off for about 15 times the computer finally boots. I changed th configuration of my drives (from master to slave and vice versa) the computer started up fine the first time but then the problem resumed. I even pressed the cmos button but the problem resumed after the first boot. Please hellp me!!! I've tried the msi tech support but to no avail.
Also when ever i try to burn any dvd or cd the system crashes and the power light starts blinking. The system only boots after disconecting the pc from the mains and then reconnecting.

My system configuration is as follows:

Am2 Athlon 64X2 3800+
Msi k9n sli motherboard
1gb corsair xm2 pc5400 ram
msi 256mb 7600gt
drives: liteon dvd-rw
western digital 160gb IDE hard disk
western digital 500gb SATA2 hard disk
400W power supply (25A on 3.3v, 32A on 5v and 17A on 12v)

I red the article on power supplies and the required power requirements for my pc turned out to be 227W.
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