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Hello there people,

So i am new to this techsupport forum and i am from the UK,

I am coming to the end of my CompTIA A+ IT Engineering course, with exams in April. I am hoping to go into IT Support and further, after my examinations.

Unfortunately here in England i am finding it very difficult to find a position in a company or even with an apprentice position.

Ive joint this forum to try and help whoever i can, as well as hopefully gaining some valuable experience.

If anyone reading this by chance has done the same course as me, any feedback on the exams, and how they done after finishing the course with getting a job etc, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to whomever reads this. :wave:
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Hi and welcome to the TSF family - glad you could join us.

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Thank You
Hi Jimmy. Welcome aboard. :wave:
Hi Jimmy. . .


I have learned more here at TSF than anywhere. Please drop by Microsoft Support Forums if you wish and answer some threads -

Microsoft Support Forums

Thank you !

Good Luck on your upcoming exams.


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Thanks everyone
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