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Hello :)

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New to the site, wanted to say hello to everyone! :wavey:
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Welcome to the board. :D
Thanks :D
Welcome! :wave:
Hey BinaryDigit, wassssssssup?!! Glad to have ya!
I've been reading around, You all seem very helpful to one another...
great site :D :frog:
Hello Again from sunny Calif. A question.

Should a new thread be started or the old continued when the first question is already answered but now there is something to discuss on the same effort, is a diifferent OS (basicly it is a win 98 quirk)? :book:
The same one is fine, but if its really different, start a new thread.

Thanks DJ, you know it never rains in Calif, I may take a vacation to Washington state.:clown:
Well. Im sure it rains alot there, just like here.
hi Binary Digit

Welcome to this great place. Sorry it took me so long to get to you computer went down. Hope you enjoy you stay
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