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I usually don't make an effort to create introduction posts or threads that welcome myself, but there's no harm in making an exception. I was searching through Google trying to find a few technical support forums that seemed friendly and decent places to be a part of. The reason I am here and joined is because I am hoping to become a member that can assist people with their problems in a friendly and helpful manner. All too often I see bad advice or rude responses given to innocent computer users, and I want to restore the balance and allow such people to find a place to find the real answers, without being ridiculed for not knowing the answer themselves.

I come from Australia and used to live in Brisbane, Queensland until I moved to Sydney about a year ago. I have a Diploma in Network Engineering and I'm nineteen years old turning twenty this year. I hope that during my stay at this forum I will be able to help many people solve their problems and make them feel as though they left this place having learning something about their computer. Technology doesn't have to be a mystery, if you don't want it to be. Anyway, that's enough from me for now... I hope I can be of some help to people here.
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Welcome to the forum. Jump right in and enjoy the your time with us.
Hi and welcome to the TSF family - glad you could join us. :smile:
Hello, Vinter, and welcome to the TSF family! You're welcome to help anywhere around the forum (except HJT logs) you feel you can.
Just a question: At what point would I be permitted to give HiJack This log support? I do use the program myself extensively and have already provided HJT log support elsewhere in the past. It's really not beyond my scope of knowledge at all.
Only authorised Security Staff may post replies and give help in the HJT Forum. If this is something that interest you then perhaps you would wish to join our Academy and complete the training.
Hi and welcome to Tech Support Forum
Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
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