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My name is Tim. I have a blog and two other websites dedicated to help the average user keep their PC running at peak performance. I am 56 and I have been a PC Tech for a lot of years. I am A+ Certified and I have worked for some major PC manufacturers as a technician. I will try to offer my expertise from time to time in this forum. I post useful info in my blog everyday. So feel free to check it out.
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Hello, Tim, and welcome to the TSF family! We're glad to have you with us!

(Regarding the link to your blog, please place it in your Public Profile.)
G'Day Tim...Welcome to TSF! :4-clap:

Glad you decided to stop by...Enjoy your time with us. :wave:
Hi, welcome to TSF. Glad you could join us. :smile:
Hi Tim and welcome to the TSF family - glad you found us. :smile:
:wave: Hi Tim
Welcome to TSF.:wave:
Hi Tim,

Glad you are here. Hope you enjoy what our forum has to offer.
Hi davidis52, welcome to TSF
Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
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