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Hello everyone

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Well, I'm glad I found this site.

I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I've been dabbling on and off with computers since 1978.

My first computer was a Texas instruments 99/4a
Antique now....

I've worked with ICL VME 3980 mainframe systems and now build my own pc's both on the hardware and software side of things.

I find it amazing that there is always a new problem to solve with computers... You think you've got them roughly worked out and a new problem arises.

I've worked in a couple of other fields, car mechanics and building/renovating houses, plumbing...and a few other small bits here and there.

I hope to add some form of worthwhile contribution here at some point.
I'm quite involved with another major forum and it takes up a bit of time.

Just watching a film whilst I'm writing here. Hope to see you all somewhere around this rather large site..
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Hi and welcome to the TSF family - glad to see you here.

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Welcome to Tech Support Forum, hope you enjoy it here
howdy, and wow, my model locomotive has more power than your first computer, and it's over 10 years old.
lol..I stand corrected with my out of date memory..was 1981 ..not '78... close though..considering..

and for those who have no idea what a TI 99/4a is/was..
Ya, I knew what it was, we had one too. Spent many an hours playing TI Invaders.
that was a good game for it's time.. really kinda miss that computer..

I never liked the spectrum.
Hi there. Welcome aboard. :wave:
From Australia...
to TSF! :4-clap:

Enjoy your stay with us.

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Hello and Welcome to the forum. Great to see you here.
Very nice to meet you all..
Looks like quite a close community you got here.
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