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heatsink problems

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I own a Dell Dimension 4300, with an upgraded CPU. I purchased a heatsink and fan from RCX-Z200 92mm Ball CPU Cooler. I went to put it in and it doesn't fit in the Dell socket adapter. I e-mail Rosewill and they said that there is nothing that they have that will work on my board and it didn't come with an adapter--just clips.

Is there anything I can use to fit my board?

Any suggestions????

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dell makes things hard by using a heatsink attachment plate that can only be used with their lamo heatsink

I usually change motherboards >>>>>> go to / click on refurbished / then click on motherboards ........... darn cheap way to get a much better board and maybe you can overclock too depending on which cpu you have now ?

most of these boards can be bought for $35.00 to $75.00 the real hot shots are $100.00 !

their stock rotates fast and often, so if you dont see anything that catches your eye yet ....... wait 3-4 days

get a retail board like asus or gigabyte

if you need help picking out a good board for your specs then give us a shout
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I removed your email address for you otherwise you will be bombed with spam!

let us know if you have any other questions we can help you with

best regards

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