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i was wondering about something with a heat issue i have got just a simple case with a p4 3ghx ht processor 1gbddr2 ram xfx geforece 6800 xt video card 250 gb hd and i got a 6mm fan in there mounted and a 12mm fan comming out of the top of the case but the problem is it is inclosed and the main thing is when i am playing a game for example battle field 2 its good when i start playing but as i play more it tends to get choppier and i was wondering if that had anything to do with the heating issue
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Fortunately There is an easy way to check.
Download Everest (link in my siganture),when in the program click on Computer -> Sensor.
Take a screenshot of the temps before the game, just on an idle system, then take another shot when it starts getting choppy.
Post them here so we can check the temps.

alright i did the test on it before and after the settings were at medium 1024 by 768 but my monitor is a samsung 19 lcd widescreen 4ms and it did not have my native resolution in there witch is 1440 by 900 so i googled it up and switched it to that by right clicking icon on deskop and typing in some stuff the one named report is the temps after 18 minutes of play.


Your temps and voltages look okay. Try taking the side off your case and putting a house fan next to the system, blowing on all the components. Play the game like that and see if you get the same problem. If you don't, or it takes longer to show up, then you know it is a heat problem.
If none of Indoril's suggestions work, try updating Battlefield 2 to it's latest patch.
I recall hearing that the first few versions of BF2 had a memory leak problem, which basically means it would continually use up Windows virtual memory until there was none left, and would just bog itself down by using up all the VM. That issue was fixed in later versions.

Link for patch 1.03 ->Here
I should warn you the file is quite large (171Mb), so i'd try the house fan suggestion first.
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