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Hdd troubles X 2

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Hdd regenerator says sata controller in ahci mode change ide mode in bios.

I had installed the regen to rest hdd, it cam up with this.
I went into bios and saw no way to change this, is under some other name?
this pc is a hp nx6310, with a hdd out of a acer laptop, i has a fresh install of win 7 and all updates drivers etc.

Also a curious thing with a dell 610, it was a great buy on ebay....
I came with no hdd and caddy the side of the case was cracked, I tried to use it with a new hdd, it would light up and stop, one dday I thought well lets gut this to use the parts, I hit the start button and it came on.... I though well ok then installed win 7, and all the goodies, with no restarts.
The next day went to boot it, it came up with no media, ie no hdd,
I then swapped the dell 600 to it and it did the same thing no see...

I put both hdds i the 600 and they both work, I then went and used a linux usb to go see the hdd, no prob, ok then, I installed linux to this hdd on the 610, it went in and said done, ok reboot, and once again the hdd is not seen?

Any thoughts?

Thanks to all!
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Seems like a faulty board , you should try and format the hdd with another laptop .

Use it for a while , see if the problem persists , there are a few hdd's that does not run with hddat / hd re-generator , and some bios's do not support changing modes for hard disk's (particularly older model laptops & pcs).
Fault components does not necessarily mean its dead ,

they can work sometimes, and they wont work other times.

Either way , it is not recommended to use faulty devices :D.

But please do try to use the hdd on another laptop , or buy an external usb case for

your hdd's and see if they work normally as a usb storage device .
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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