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HDD Not accessible, and wont format?

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Hi all! :)

well... lastnight i was abit miffed... and really cant see whats happend...

So, lets start from the begining...
My computer had Vista 64bit on my main HDD, and i installed Windows 7 on my secondary HDD, and i have now removed windows 7, and then took everything off my secondary hdd that i wanted to keep, and formated the thing.

BUT, now i cant accessible the HDD at all now! its there and is visable... but when i try and quick format it, it says it could not be completed, and when i try a full format it gets all the way to the end...and just sits there! :-s

the HDD has been perfectly find up untill now... i cant get my head around whats happend!

Can anyone give me a few ideas to try?

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My best suggestion would be to remove the drive and connect it to a PC via a USB adapter and format it. If that's not possible, download DNB or UBD and make a CD.
Disconnect the Vista drive, boot the PC from the disc you made and wipe the drive.
Yep, zero wipe with killdisk or d-ban and then start fresh. Was the system dual boot with Vista/Win7? How did you remove win7? Probably something left over from teh win7 install, zero wiping should clear the MBR, which formatting won't do.
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