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HD making clicking noises?

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when i boot up the pc,
since i have 2 HD's the 2nd one 40gb is making a very strange clicking noise. i disconnected that HD so there is no noise when i boot up, but eitehr way it wont read the drive, even when it does it doesnt recognize it, there is the letter "E" next to the name of the drive when i boot up

*16gb on the primary master
* 40gb on the master slave

im leaning towards a new hard drive
but i'd like to kno if this could be fixed

anyhelp would be nice

thank you for ur time
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i had a hdd, where the arm inside, stopped working correctly, resulting in a constant clicking......quite loud,

luckily a friend of my had the ability and knowledge to replace the arm.....and solved the problem....

i have fat fingers and could never have done it...
you may have thin fingers and more brainpower than


without an environmentally sealed lab, i wouldnt suggest opening a drive.

the typical amount of dust in the air would add a thin film of dust to the disk, and errors would occur.

sounds like a fish story to me..

but a clicking drive is probably dead.
and yes, its probably the arm clicking.

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Usually once they start clicking death is immanent.............:dead:
Yep, if it's working, get your data off NOW! Don't even consider opening the HDA, there's nothing you can repair in there, and you will only insure you never read data from that drive again. :rolleyes:
thanks for all the help

i finally got the mobo to read the drive, but i cant access the data

when i go to the add new hardware menu it shows
the HD

the displayed message i get is

Device Status:

This device iseither not present,
not working properly, or does not
have all the drivers installed (code 10)

I guess that is all that can be done
the data i have on it isnt too important to me,
just music, and other things
no big deal, can get that back some other time,
looks like i gotta go shopping for a new HD now.
Thanks for all the help, and what brand of HD would you
guys recommend to buy, this one was a Fujitsu, but i'm looking towards Western Digital, or Maxtor

Thanks Alot
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Well I have been a Maxtor fan for the last 5 or 6 years and don't have any complaints thus far..............:D
I'd go for either WD or Maxtor, both make quality drives. You'll find people that have had problems with both brands, it's the same with Ford and Chevy, though I'll never buy a Ford again! :D

id say that all the western digital drives i have had have been crap.

as far as maxtor, its about half.

but with ford and chevy, i wont buy a ford either, but they sure break often enough to make sure i am always working on one...

i end up working on chevy's alot too, but i will still happily own one.

but its not cos ford is worse, its cos i dont like the way they run.
(sorta like the physics are different)
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Hey bob vila

I got a Ford and a Chevy Which one would you like to work on first?..................................:winkgrin:
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