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Heyyy guys!

I'll cut a long story short.

The PC froze randomly during a game, so I had to hold in the power button to get it off, it forced me to do a chkdsk on startup, which I did. Then on the reboot Windows seems to boot normally (POST is normal), it gets to the bit where it says Windows with a loading bar under it, then a few seconds later it just hangs. Running another chkdsk does nothing, safe mode nothing etc.

I tried formatting, and when it gets to the "searching for previous versions of windows" part, it hangs in exactly the same way.

I've also tried running killdisk but it doesn't seem to do anything. I hit [Enter] to run the program, and the screen flashes black then it goes back to the menu as if I never pressed Enter.

Any ideas what the problem is and/or what I can do? Would prefer a resolution that lets me keep my data as to avoid spending $$ on a usb hd enclosure but any help at all would be great at this point!

Thanks for any help!

XP home / athlon xp 3000+ / 6600gt / 1gb 184pin 3200 / maxtor 220gb (If it helps?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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